Bridging İnvestment

Bridge Finance is designed to obtain financing in the short term. It can be used in cases where auction purchase, purchase of dangerous property, purchase of liveable property or urgency is required. It can also be used for plant renovation and conversion. Bridge credit is one to eighteen months.

Bitter Consultancy Ltd. Bridging Finance facilitates your applications quickly and efficiently. If you have an effective legal firm to work, we can easily complete the entire process within twenty days.

All processes are adjusted according to customer needs and current information about customer’s experience, credit history, financial information and property types.

Bridging Finance is widely used for the following reasons:

  • Auction Procurement
  • A new residential property, commercial property, investment or
  • Meet the deadline deadlines
  • Capital increase
  • Chain finance
  • Real Estate Renewal
  • Property Conversions
  • Cash flow
  • Landlords want to buy property quickly